Competition Prep

What is the best way to train for a Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure or a Bikini competition? What is the best way to diet for a competition in one of the divisions? What do judges look for? Which supplements will help me to retain size? Which supplements will help me to lose weight? What is the easiest and safest way to manipulate body water? These are all questions that cross the minds of competitive NPC athletes in preparation for the big day.

There are many variables to consider in preparing yourself for a contest. Proper guidance can be the key to making your competition a rewarding experience. Leave it to the expert, JJ Henry, to plan it all out for you.

Initial Assessment

This is an informative session beneficial to both you and JJ Henry. We will discuss your personal goals and realistic expectations. Knowledge of your lifestyle and any relevant medical history will also aid us in customizing your program. An overall body evaluation (including body fat percentage, weight, measurements and pictures) will be recorded. At this time, we can book future assessments and begin with your contest preparation. This will also be an orientation type meeting to go over things that you will need to purchase so that you are competition prep ready. For instance, a cooler for your meals, Tupperware, food and body scales, etc.


Body evaluation and pictures will be used to monitor your progress as the contest approaches, as often as every two weeks. Your diet and workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Diet/Supplement Plan

Based on your assessment results, we will provide you with a nutritional plan that is custom-tailored to your individual needs. This meal plan is detailed to include the caloric intake and macronutrient breakdowns so our clients better understand their personalized program. Our goal is not only to help you dial in for your competition, but to also teach you how to build muscle, maintain ideal weight or lose body fat through proper dieting for the future. To effectively change your body composition, it’s not as simple as eating less and working out. It requires eating the proper foods in exact proportions on a specific schedule. You will need to meal plan each week and premake meals so they are ready for you to take, so that you don’t have a reason to cheat or miss a meal. All portions need to be measured out on your food scale.

Posing Clinics

While training and nutrition can get you the body you need to compete well, your stage preparation is just as important. Without good stage preparation there’s a good chance your hard work off the stage won’t be rewarded. Many competitors underestimate the importance of posing and stage presence. Learning first-hand from experienced competitors will give you the inside edge on what the judges are looking for in terms of your posing and stage presence. As your contest nears we host regular posing clinics. Bodybuilders and women’s physique will receive instruction outlining mandatory and relaxed poses. Men’s physique, figure and fitness will concentrate on t-walks, quarter or half turns and overall stage etiquette. Bikini will focus on overall stage etiquette, walking, transitions to the front and back and on putting sass and swag into their posing. We want our clients to walk onstage with confidence and previous group posing experience. Posing amongst four to five individuals replicates a contest setting; you won’t get that at home in your bathroom mirror! We also offer individual one-on-one sessions that can be purchased as part of your competition prep package. During these one-on-one sessions, competitors will learn the best way to showcase your strengths and downplay your weaknesses in your physique.

Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice posing! Not only your posing, but how you walk, stand and move on stage.  When you step on the stage, remember that the judges' eyes are on you all the time. When the judge says relax, that only means to stand there flexed. Simple things like learning to breathe and look relaxed in a flexed position is important. Learn what it feels like to be in each position or posing without the mirror as your guide. It takes a lot to impress a judge, but it only takes a second for them to cast you off of the winner's podium.

Routine Development & Music Splicing

JJ will work with you and choreograph your bodybuilding or physique routine, as well as help find the best music for your routine. He works with you to develop the best poses, transitions and music to compliment your physique!


There are quite a few shows each year, but JJ has put them into categories. There will be beginner shows, advanced shows and national shows. JJ will be the one choosing the shows for you. As a Fit Factory team member, you are not only competing for yourself but for the team.


When you are competing in these shows there are going to be lots of times you question why you placed the way you did. Don’t become negative about it and start posting things to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Everything you post about the competitions and The Fit Factory team directly affects everyone on the team.  Sometimes in life there are things we don’t understand or agree with but we just need to move on from it and help it motivate us to push harder for the next show and make it obvious to everyone that you should be #1.

Also, we are a team and that means we need to support everyone on the team. If you are competing at a show you need to plan on staying and supporting everyone else on the team, even if that means waiting til the very end of the show. It’s not fair to the teammates that watch and support you if you aren’t watching and supporting them! The more people we have cheering in the audience the better! What good is a team without the support of all the members? As cliché as it sounds always remember, there is no I in team!

Mental Preparation

Every week is going to be different. There will be some weeks that will be bad, but there will also be weeks that will be great. Stay positive through your training and preparation. Focus on the positive. Don't doubt. Don't question. Bottom line: stay focused on goal. Everyone has drawbacks, but if you stay consistent and stay focused on the big picture, you'll have an affirmative experience. Talk positively to yourself, don't think negatively. Believe in yourself. As a member of the Fit Factory team you have a wide array of teammates to help motivate you, push you, and look up to. All your teammates have had low days and high days, go to them for advice and guidance. The Fit Factory Team is more than just a team, we are FAMILY!